Thought provoking quote from Sikh scriptures

“One was the time when the thoughts never came.

Another was the time when the desire welled up to do justice and good.

Then came a time when it was all steeped in the fire of desire and want of all things,

That is all that the youth had tried to conquer and destroy and overcome.

Know the time has come to reflect on what has happened.

And after drawing the conclusion the time has come to depart.

But what use…. The time never came for the achievement of perfection.

Or was it that one never took the chance though it was there?”

I read the above 8 lines in a notebook. They were copied from the Sikh holy scriptures “The  Guru Granth Sahib” . I read them in my teens and vowed I would NOT be that person “who never took that chance”.

I was a typical nosey little sister who dared to go through her brother’s notebook. The brother who had been the naughtiest and nastiest brother in town  it seemed. And here were these words that he’d written/copied that were so deep and so inspiring for me as to how I should live …

It was after that I started to love him unconditionally… Anyway I took (stole) his little blue note book and I have still got it! 🙂

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