My mouth is on strike!

It has been three and a half weeks since my one main meal of the day has been accompanied by eating four very hot raw  birds eye chillies along with garlic and ginger…. This has been a tough experiment as I have never eaten so much FIRE….!

Today my mouth just was not interested in allowing ANY hot food in.  I enjoyed my main meal for the first time after all these weeks.. it was bliss.

I had a large green salad with one avocado and two dessert spoon full of brown rice and peas 🙂

I intend to continue for another week and then I will give myself a break. I am glad to say it is possible to eat a large amount of chillies providing you have some fatty food like avocados, tahini or nut butters..

(I am not a big fan of munching through loads of nuts)

For a first experiment with chillies it was not bad, although my body was put through a rough and tough few weeks. (I have not slept much as the daytime revolves around family so often end up doing blogs etc late at night/early morning. I have averaged about 5 hours sleep a night which is not very good IMO.

I also got carried away with the sweet fruits so skin has been a little itchy again.

The major thing that I noted was this spot I had on my left hip has gone much smaller, flatter and very dark, like a scar rather than a fresh active reddy brown spot (which I had for some years.. ).

When I scratch it only the centre (pin head size) feels sore as oppose to before my chilli diet when it felt sore all over if I scratched it a little…

So I am very impressed with this raw chillies result.

Some of you may think ah she is just playing this is not proper scientific procedures. Well if I can get this strange spot to reduce in size by “playing” then thats great! ..I have been aware for a a few years regards below….and well I just wanted to share ..

Lies, Damn Lies and Medical Research
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
May 06 2010 | 99 views

Is modern medicine actually “scientific”? The gold standard for modern medicine is the double-blind and placebo-controlled trial. But there are serious problems with these studies, unknown to most but widely acknowledged by researchers.

Scientist can easily set up a study that shows a drug is effective for a very limited period of time. Most studies of drugs for psychiatric conditions last only six weeks. What happens after that?  Do they still work?  Do they start to cause terrible side effects?  The studies will not tell you.

Dana Ullman, writing in the Huffington Post, argues:

“Sadly and strangely, many physicians do not see that there is something fundamentally wrong with the present medical model … for the large majority of people facing day-to-day chronic illnesses, it provides short-term results, serious side-effects, and stratospherically high costs.”


Huffington Post May 5, 2010

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