Dr David Servan-Schreiber-How he survived cancer

Morning all. Sorry have not posted in a while..

I hope you all find the below video  usefull.

Last week my local  policeman gave me a book and told me I think you will find this interesting. It is called “Una Nueva forma de vida” (A new way of life)

The book was in Spanish and it was by Dr David Servan-Schreiber. I thought fine I will just google him.. saved me struggling through a book over 300 pages! (My Spanish is not brilliant)

I really like and respect the way in which he has told his story.

It should be of interest to those who need modern science to approve certain cancer therapies/ attitudes/ beliefs that are not presently  approved of by most of modern habit, thought and medicine.

They approve a pharmaceutical approach and that is what most of humanity believe in…

I really pray that humanity are willing and open to look beyond the horizon of their present truth.

Modern medicine is great in certain circumstances, like accidents and emergencies. I have immense respect for the medical staff in such situations.

Many of the doctors that I have come across have been very committed to helping their patients. I was once one such patient and I am grateful to them.

But I also realise that their commitment or sincerity was not at flaw  but some of the education  was/is flawed for sure..

By the way I don’t think David has all the answers.

He goes a fair way with a better lifestyle but in my book he does not go far enough.. From his experience it has got him many years of  life and that is great.

I am mighty glad that he is using this personal experience teamed with his medical background to bring a greater awareness of health.

I wish him success and hope that the truth he is sharing does not result in him being de-registered as is the case of many doctors who dare to speak their truth.

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