Just got back from my land and I feel wilted!

I wish I could show you the breathtaking views, of the mountains that I drive through to get to my land.  The beauty just makes you glad to be alive…  Its like being up in the clouds and then as you drive down into the valley via the steep, narrow, mud track with sharp corners and a few potholes, you see the river “snaking” its way through the landscape. This landscape is like a tapestry untouched by time when you see the sheep herders, or men with donkeys carting some glorious offering from nature..

Once I get out of the car the tranquility usually hits me like a punch. It seems to knock out the “nervous, agitated vibe” and replaces it with a stillness. Everything slows down and you just end up staring all around you in wonder…

I love the silence there.. just birds, the sound of the river and the breeze.

After taking it all in, I usually go and pay “homage” to the natural pool and just sit on the rocks watching the water fall over several levels of height of well-rounded weather-beaten rocks which give something of a zen garden impression…

Then slowly I build myself up to start working!

It was soo hot there today I feel wilted. I need to shower before I go to bed as I am covered in pollen, dust and  sweat but feel  too exhausted to move. The day was spent picking oranges, pecan nuts, avocados and then we cleared up a path to the other side of my land. There were 3 of us working clearing up grass, fennel plants and other weeds that were just so thick that you could not move forward… But I was determined today to do the job as I wanted to get to my old Nispero (lugaadh) tree.. Greedy guts wanted to taste its fruit before the birds finish this year´s crop 🙂

I am glad to tell you I was not disappointed. We finally stood underneath the tree having razed down brambles, a bamboo like tall grass etc over a distance of  approx 200 metres covered in bits of bush, weeds, dust  enjoying its shade and sweeeeeeeeeet  juicy fruit. Yes I over ate and bought loads back too. Half of it has already gone to a friend´s home and I guess we will enjoy the rest of the Nisperos tomorrow. 🙂

I have another 2 articles I want to share regarding 1984… They too help to form a more complete picture regarding this event which is and has been close to my heart.. But like many, I am ashamed to say that I  have done nothing to help these people or the memory of my grandfather who was one such Punjabi Sikh farmer who toiled in the heat and cold of Punjab year after year and who was rewarded for helping to form the granary of India by being treated very unjustly! Just like the thousands of other Sikh farmers as described in the video clips…

1984 Documentary on Sikhs

I want to share these 5 clips because I feel this gives a fairly clear account of what happened to sikhs from the days of partition leading to 1984 operation blue star and the subsequent assasination of Indira Gandhi.

It is important for me to give a voice to an injustice where ever it may occur. This happened to occur around the land of my recent ancestors and it affected my family and my relatives..Infact a relative I have not seen since I was eight years old lost her husband during this horrific time in India’s history.. I don’t think his body was ever found.

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part ONE

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part2

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part THREE

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part4

1984 Documentary on Sikhs Part FIVE (Final Part)

Ojitos Negros

Ojitos negroooooooos oleeeeeeeee que buena!

Shades of grey-Billy Joel

Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays- Father of Spin

Looking at every , culture, religion, society and every government… they tell you what is the truth.

That, is the truth they want you to own as your own. A truth to live for and sometimes even die for.

If it feels right for you embrace it, own it as your own, but bear in mind that the words that are sold as absolute truths often help to financially line the pockets of those in power while disempowered humanity often claims these truths without experiencing them.

It is like a blind man saying red is the best colour, because he has been told that from birth in subliminal and non- subliminal ways. That is when ones life becomes a lie. And lies always lead towards illness. Individual illness and societal illness.

If you doubt these words just check the statistics for mental illnesses and see the rebellious nature of youth today. Why are they rebellious? Because they are smart and they don’t buy the lies. But then as they get older the fear dominated “democratic”, “communist” etc world takes over their psyche and they too succumb to the lies.

As I live in the democratic world I would like to point out where I think our “truth” is coming from.

“The Father of Spin Edward Bernays,  helped fashion modern democracy immensely.
Bernays who made:

bacon a fashionable breakfast food on behalf of pig farmers,

who championed women’s rights to smoke in public (while being paid by Lucky Strikes (cigarette company)),

and who made radios a highbrow item (for Philco) said,

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.”

Bernays’s job was to reframe an issue; to create a desired image that would put a particular product or concept in a desirable light. Bernays described the public as a “herd that needed to be led.” And this herd like thinking makes people “susceptible to leadership.”

I believe, that whether you live in the USA or UK or elsewhere that IS how humanity is viewed, by the modern corporate world and political world.

Looking at Forbes richest corporations/industries lists one should question how, who,why, when, where etc they have got sooo rich.. if a more JUST version of their “truth” is desired.

They are:

the banking/insurance corporations

the petrochemical industry

the pharmaceutical industry

There are only a few individuals as heads of these corporations and industries but they seem to pull many strings.

Their puppets include:

most of modern media


food industry (dairy and meat industry) and GM industry

the medical institutions where our doctors are taught

I use the word “puppets”  because when I look at some of the key people and laws in place, it is evident that they have been “bought” thus support the continued financial growth, and other interests of these corporations and industries at the expense of human suffering and planetary demolition.

(e.g the Bush family and Haliburton connection)

Their influence storm down on us and rule us through the schooling system from day one.

Bernays never deviated from his fundamental axiom to “control the masses without their knowing it.” The best PR happens when the people are unaware that they are being manipulated.

Bernays pioneered the use of third-party “unbiased” organizations to champion or denegrate a position, depending on who was paying him. He created hundreds of “foundations” and “agencies” to support his positions — all of which were funded by the big corporations he was shilling for.
His mentality is often heard, felt by those offering an alternative product therapy ( not controlled by the big corporations)

“Experts”  from  “unbiased” agencies  use  emotionally-charged denigrating phrases, like “scientific poppycock” or “junk science” when discussing  alternative therapies…..”

I found some of the above info (highlighted by dark blue) on the internet a few years ago and thought I would share it someday…

Video of me munching 5 birds eye chillies!

If you want to know why I was doing this please check out below.



Shiela Chandra-enchanting voice