Hey, I’ve missed you all…

Life has been really hectic the last few days and I have really missed not sharing with you guys.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was running a “taxi service”  for my family and friends.. I also have Spanish classes on Wednesdays too so just had no time left spare for me or my blogs 😦

There’s been a lot of  correspondence with my cousins too…(The OMG ones 🙂   )  A lot of opening up and emotional healing..

Today I went on a school trip to an annual International festival with my youngest. I feel tired after walking all day in the Spanish sunshine, however I feel incredibly energised too, at every  level..

Once you read the below you will know why..

There were about 40 tents each reflecting the various nationalities living on the coast here.

Each tent was just beautiful in its reflection of its people, culture, history…It was like experiencing a joyful …soulful  energy..

Each tent offered  the best of each culture and that best was so vibrant that it left me feeling vibrant too.

All the kids loved it too. Mohan wants to go again!

I am still buzzing from the  strong positive energy, resonating from the individuals representing their respective countries…That is what made this festival so special…

One of the teachers asked an elderly gentleman in the tent representing Jordan, “what is your religion?” and the elderly gentleman replied with a really warm gaze,

” Most importantly we are all one….”

I did not stop to hear the rest of the conversation as I was walking past however I really resonate with that thought a lot and the warmth it was conveyed with…

Out of all the tents we went in, the folks in the Palestinian tent were the most generous. They gave each child a slice of  cake and explained a little about their culture.. there was no mention of the conflict in their country just a lot of love towards the children.

The Japanese tent was brilliant too. They got the kids to write their names in Japanese and also got the kids to do origami. The woman doing origami was elderly and did not speak a word of Spanish or English.. yet with her eyes and gentle hands she showed and guided the children to make their own paper birds… Some were golden, some  silver and others were the various vibrant shades of the rainbow.

It was just wonderful watching this elderly woman exude so much inner beauty, patience and love…

Every human has a choice to be “beautiful” like this elderly woman daily and its never too late to start irrespective how far one has been from this “beauty” in the past.

I experienced all this against the backdrop of finding out early  this morning that a lovely couple and their daughter who we recently became friends with, are leaving Spain to make a new life in Malaysia.

I was/am really happy for them, but I was kind of missing them too already.. because I thought that they would stay here and our friendship would have a chance to blossom…  It seems that the universe responded to my feelings by showing me there is an abundance of love and friendship… and I am really grateful for this.

I hope you all have had good days. I will write some more tomorrow. Now I am off to type in the last 13 or so questionnaires for my niece as tomorrow is the deadline!


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