Cancer.. what is the truth?

This weekend Derek (my hubby)  filmed me eating  raw hot birds eye chillies… I will put the video up sometime.

I wasn’t eating them for the “fun” of it..

There was a very good reason why I was eating hot chillies.

Cancer has played havoc with my happiness all my life as so many loved ones have been seriously damaged or killed by it.

As a 10-year-old, I use to dream that a cure for cancer would be found soon.

My 24-year-old uncle had lung cancer and he was dying. My heart shattered into a million pieces as I observed my aunt (his  21-year-old wife) become a widow.. and his two young children become fatherless…

That dream..remained just that as he succumbed to this imbalance…

He died when his youngest was just 3 months old…

It left my mum a broken down wreak. She was the eldest sister… seeing this handsome beloved model of a little brother suffer  just knocked her out..

The pain that all the family went through was like nuclear fallout.

It damaged all of us.

Sad people get ill much more easily than healthy folks. It took me a few decades to realise this and now choose better ways to react emotionally when faced with tragedy.

I had looked up to the pharmaceutical industry as the saviours who would hammer that cancer out of the lives of humanity.  But despite so much time, energy finances going to this “project” the cure is still nowhere in sight as far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned…

The more I researched as to why, the more I got the message..

“It does not make business sense to find a cure for cancer as cancer is a multi billion dollar industry”

Having cured myself of arthritis just opened this Aladdin’s cave of health possibilities…

possibilities that the profiteering on bad health industry does not want brought to the masses.

Seeing how much money there is to be made by the good health industry makes me wander why don’t they switch their mindset.. give people the truth and they can still be rich… UNLESS  there is  another agenda?

So anyway I am always on the lookout for natural cures.. and I am the best guinea pig for the trials. As I love myself so much there is NO thought or action of putting money before my health!

So the goal post of my truth has taught me that  I am my own saviour!.. The others are just fake wannabes…

These fake wannabes are financially powerful and the network of their promoters has “educated” humanity to  think chemo works. .. so I don’t blame ordinary folks to believe that….. When you are that ill and vulnerable what else do you have to cling to.. your knowledge, your “education”….

This is the same “education” that taught me there was no cure for rheumatoid arthritis, no cure for asthma, no cure for eczema…. just a tonne of drugs to choose from and to depend on…

I believe people who have chemo and survive cancer, survive despite having chemo not BECAUSE of having chemo…

I left out the therapy bit from the chemo because the two don’t go together in my book.

So why was I eating chillies? I will tell you in a minute but first….

A friend of mine.. an amazing human being.. died of cancer last month.

Early this month I found out that a friend who I have looked upon as my kid sister for the last 26 years has lung cancer.. Her youngest child is not even a teenager yet.. I cried like a baby after I found out… I have not cried like that for many years..

Unlike when my uncle died, I got up shook myself down and thought, OK I am going to help her fight this.. She is in my thoughts and prayers all day as I go about my daily life peacefully…

It is like as if she is in the same house as me even though she is on the other side of the world…

So 3 weeks ago approx I started looking up about lung cancer when I came across the story of a man who healed himself of stage 4 cancer by eating raw Habanero chillies (he says ginger works too).

It seemed a bit simplistic and farfetched so  I though let me see what the modern respected research organisations say regarding chillies…

Well I found favourable and unfavourable results..

The favourable results of which there were many (only one unfavourable study) said that a substance called capsaicin in hot chillies causes cancer cells to self annihilate..

The hotter the chilli the higher the capsaicin levels..

I wanted to be the guinea pig thus I started eating raw hot chillies, ginger and garlic daily with my main meal based around what this gentleman did but I have kept it vegan.

I started doing this about 2 weeks ago, just to see:

. Effect on my health

. If I could cope with eating chillies over a few weeks

. Any other observations

So what have I found so far:

1) The first few times I had hot chillies I got a strong burning sensation in my privates within one hour of       eating them

2) Mental clarity

3) Runny nose!

4) A mole that looked sinister that I have had on my left hip for a few years has reduced in size by half. Wish I had taken a picture of it at the start.

I will continue this experiment for a few weeks but I intend to also try it using 100% raw food and loads of green juices too..

I have not given out links because I can’t be bothered to find them again as I have a daughter off school today who needs my time and tlc. I may put them in later.

My suggestion would be for those who are interested to do your own research and find your truth.

All the bestx

Below is very interesting as far as cancer goes too..

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  1. Hubster says:

    Looks like someone at the BBC has been snooping around your blog 😉

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