How Raman and Priyanka beat chronic asthma and eczema

Here I share with you how our son Raman (10 years old at the time) and 6 year old daughter Priyanka cured themselves of two awful conditions suffered increasingly by many children nowadays.

Chronic asthma and

chronic eczema!

“I had a stressful first pregnancy with Raman. I had had an emotional roller coaster of a time the previous few years due to my lifestyle choices and health (I had debilitating chronic rheumatoid arthritis from my early teenage years).

Being pregnant left me feeling vulnerable and alone. Raman was born 4 weeks early… his due date was 16th of November and here I was giving birth on the 19th of October 1988.

My antenatal class nurse had arranged for us to do a walk to the labour ward that night so you can imagine how all the other mums to be laughed when they found me already there tucked up in bed with my baby!

It was a lovely sunny day when we brought our tiny son home, and somehow I knew we were all going to be fine someday…

He was born without asthma or eczema but as he progressed towards school age his health seemed progressively worst every year. At first he developed eczema all round his ankle. This turned into an open wound.  I had to work along with my husband to repay the massive mortgage we had taken on. We had negative equity on our house like many house buyers in the early 90’s.

So I looked for a childminder. One childminder looked at his eczema and refused on the grounds that it looked too ghastly!

My beautiful friend Sameena despite being pregnant offered to look after him but deep inside Raman was not happy and I could see it. I wasn’t either because I missed him. So I stopped working after 2 years.

Despite the tight money situation we found ourselves in, it was one of the best decisions of my life. We had a lovely few months together. He nagged me for a sister everyday! “I want a sister … Danny has got a sister!” He would exclaim.  Danny was his friend and our neighbour’s son. Well his wish was granted when Priyanka arrived on the 16th of November 1992.

16th November was the day he was supposed to be born!

She was so beautiful and calm that everyone kept exclaiming “what a peaceful baby!” Raman was overjoyed and being 4 years old assumed the role of Priyanka’s shadow and my little helper.

This role turned into nearly a full time job when Priyanka developed the most horrendous eczema I have ever seen in my life straight after her immunisations at 8 weeks old. I pleaded with my doctor as to why she had got eczema, and so bad? He comforted me by telling me:-

“Eczema is often started by a trigger. You cannot have a bigger trigger then injecting deadly organisms into a baby.”

So I exclaimed, “Why vaccinate in that case?” He replied, “Would you rather have a dead baby or a baby with eczema…”

His words consoled me at the time but later the following thought came into my head…  cancer has increased since the onset of vaccinations… so is it a choice between your child  dying by cancers or mumps measles rubella diphtheria, whooping cough, and whatever else is in the vaccinations?…

The suffering I experienced and that my poor daughter experienced I would not wish on anyone.

One day she sat there on the carpet tearing at her head at the age of two years with clenched teeth… I sat next to her and my tears just kept streaming down silently. She glanced up momentarily and on noticing I was crying she stopped scratching and quietly with a steady penetrating gaze said,

“Don’t worry mummy.”

Well that just blew my mind … The maturity with which she reacted and the manner of her speech was way beyond that of a child only just turned two years old. Those words strengthened my resolve to never give up on her and find a cure for her.

I would dream of the day when I could put pretty clothes on my daughter without her looking and being like an open wound.

Around this time Raman started looking a bit podgy and started having breathing problems.

The doctor diagnosed asthma. The same time he developed hay fever too…. It reminded me of me years earlier…The most heinous arthritis pain started the same month and year as my hay fever….

Raman was given ventolin and becotide (A steroidal drug) to control the asthma. He carried on putting more weight and people would tell me my kids are healthy. They were both big for there age size wise. This being the measurement of health, I would half heartedly nod in agreement.

Two years later at the age of four Priyanka joined Raman in the chronic asthma rank… Strangely her eczema improved ever so slightly, mainly from the face.

She still couldn’t go out in the sun. During her fourth year I took her out on a hot day. We just walked to the local shops and back. Her whole body turned red. She looked radioactive and she clawed and scratched at her skin until she was so exhausted that she fell asleep.

I had suffered so much sleep depravation in all these years since the onset of her eczema that I felt a total wreak.

In 1996 I applied for disability benefit and asked to be registered disabled. Something my ego had battled against for twenty years. I was crushed, caved in, flat out.

I thought I had about two years of life left in me before I got cancer or heart disease or something else equally ugly…

Well two years later our very close friend’s 3 year old son got cancer and while looking for a cure for him, Derek my husband found the raw food lifestyle that helped cure Priyanka, Raman and me.

There recovery was so quick (3 months) that it left a permanent smile on my face!

I would like to add, they would not have healed had they fought the dietary changes. They agreed to try a raw food detox lifestyle, leaving me and my husband humbled and proud to have such amazing children who did what most adults struggle with… healthy changes.

I  once was one such adult…

Their story continues with many twists and turns. They are know 21 and 17. They know what to do to heal themselves, however they are the birds that have been set free and they are experiencing life for themselves. And that is how life should be.

We are all responsible for our own resurrection.  In my eyes there is no ONE right way to live. Every human is unique and their truth on life the universe comes from their unique experiences and feelings.

So who am I or anyone to force my truth.. I can share it…ultimately it is each individuals freedom to leave it or take on board..

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  1. rejistania says:

    Correlation != causation

    Just saying…

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