I am feeling really overjoyed, happy, excited because yesterday a dear school friend (Cristiano) put me in touch with a long lost cousin!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read a message from her and I am having a girly OMG!, OMG! moment…….Thus the pink writing (heart chakra!)  🙂

I have had NO communication with her in almost 30 years…..

This cousin along with her 3 sisters formed a major part of my childhood, in Nottingham UK  and then their parents decided to make a new life in Canada… and we lost touch.

“Why?”  I hear you ask … oh just lots of  circumstances…

From my point of view, I decided to keep a low profile because my  marriage out of the “system” would have reflected negatively on my cousins and  I did not want that. ( The two eldest were married very soon after they got to Canada…. )

So I waited till they got in touch with me….

And its happened…

I did that with all my relatives… its a respect thing…

I did what I felt was right for me but I had a duty to then respect that fortunately or unfortunately every culture has its rules and regulations… and women usually come out worst for ware… so I needed to protect those that were still inside the system…

It may be hard for some to understand this… I make no apology that some things about the culture I was born into (Sikh Indian culture) are negative but don’t let that negate everything.

Many things are absolutely marvellous and people of the West would do well to take on board many of their positive values….

Last but not least, those  of us who have grown up in the West but have this heritage, should not lose all the positive values, just discard the crap.. like I have 🙂

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