Words that formed me-1

Ik o’nkaar  – God is One

Sat-naam   – Of  True  Name

karta-purkh   – The Creator

Nir-bhau    – The Fearless

Nir-vair   – Without Enmity

Akaal-moorat – The Immortal

Ajooni   – The Unborn

Sai-bha’ng  – Self-illuminated

Gur-parsaad – By the grace of the Guru

Jap   – Recite

Aad-sach   – True in the beginning

Jugaad-sach  – True through ages

hai bhi sach  – True at present

Nanak hosi bhi sach – Nanak says True for always

This prayer/Mool mantra has run through my physical and spiritual veins from my conception and besides other things it taught me 2 very important feelings to always gravitate towards and nurture in myself and those around me.

To not hate

To be fearless

My moto is to practice this where it counts, where I may have to stick my neck out or stand alone. To not hate or fear is me being the person I can respect. Anything less is…just not worth thinking about.

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