Good morning everybody, its a glorious sunny morning, after ages.

We have had an incredible amount of rain this year… and I am so glad because my trees desperately needed the good soak…

Two years ago we lost a number of avocado trees because of the draught and they did not get watered adequately. I was gutted but nature is just incredible as some of them have come back to life after the rains.

……Ok, I have got the family out the house and its just me and you….

Its really peaceful and I am sitting in the sun. I can hear a bird chirping and it sounds beautiful.

I have finished my breakfast of an apple and pecan nuts (from my land) washed down with an infusion of:

Turmeric, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, fennel  sweetened with stevia….

and I am ready to share some more…

Nature has many gifts for us to use as preventative medicine that are antifungal, antibacterial and or immunity enhancers. I used a few of them along with some other products that do not have nasty side effects yet are powerful healers in my experience…

I have an abundance of olive trees on my land so I used olive leaf teas and extract

Other teas and infusions were made with the following, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric, boldo, fenugreek

Daily green juices and herbs (cilantro/coriander, parsley and mint)

Aloe vera juice

Good old plain water and lots of it deppending on how many juices I had had… generally about 6 mugs

Raw garlic, raw ginger, raw onion,  and recently raw hot  chillies too

Incredible salad daily

Two tablespoons of Linseed/ flaxseed oil along with 2 drops each of the following organic aromatherapy oils: Clove, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, lemon, oregano, eucalyptus. Collectively known as “Thieves oil”.  Very interesting story behind thieves oil… will share sometime or you can just go google.. I did this for one week only as aromatherapy oils should be used with immense care and knowledge. I do not suggest for anyone to use them unless they are very well informed regards aromatherapy.

I used the following products, Sodium bicarbonate, colloidal silver, MSM, G5 silica, Cell food, multivitamins, caprylic acid.

I used  homeopathic preperations  for the fungal rash and for the kidneys

Calendula oil and thieves oil for massage

I had a sugar free diet. NOTHING to feed the fungus… but I found that tough going because I really missed the sweet fruits  and sweet fruits  are LOADED with sugar..  Everytime I had sugar whether in a apple or biscuit I’d want to rip all my skin off…it just manifested as severe symptoms straight away.

I have only recently reintroduced a little  sweet fruit into my diet!

I fasted too

On days when I felt really demoralised with pain I had my indiscretions of 2 biscuits and tea…… or a nice juicy apple if I was really naughty…

I am sure I have missed somethings out but the above were some of my helpers to get back to health 🙂

I am back to eating more or less how I have been eating the last few years

I am not a 100% raw food eater.

My general regime is Fruit for breakfast, incredible salad with some cooked veg for lunch. The rest of the day is filled with fresh juices and infusions.

I don’t know which pigeon hole that puts me in but I am happy here at the moment 😉



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  1. giraffedancer says:

    Wow, it is good to hear from you back on the land after the rain, doing your thing. Mega. I am now making my blog encouraged that if she can I can. Back to WordPress where I started but gave up a few months ago. My blog with have a link to yours… you can get updated on the breaking news of the finca divorce next door. Bless. Joe. Will contact you when it is ready to be picked.

    • Great to hear from you.
      I love your name!!! giraffedancer… why?
      I am looking forward to your blog! And yes please link defo!
      I am starting my second blog soon too… and will love some feedback from you. I only got 2 piccies on it yet!
      love to carme Oriol and Lisa

      • giraffedancer says:

        “Giraffedancer” out of an affection for that “NVC” researcher into love, Marshall Rosenberg who I have a passion for. He works with animals; namely Giraffes and Jackals. Love Joe.
        Let us raise the compassion index on the planet. Giraffes have the biggest hearts of any land animal and can see great distances ahead with their long necks!
        O,K. off to your second blog. will give feedback when I can.

  2. I liked the name before well I like it even more know you have explained!
    Yes compassion index is a great thing to work on….and the more the merrier!
    Thanks a million for your support and feedback.

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