Fungal Rash

This picture was taken when the rash was nearly gone. When the rash was bad all over my body I could not motivate myself to take piccies..

Both the fungal rash photos were taken by Priyanka 🙂

Fungal rash

Note the lack of rash around the quartz crystal? Coincidence?

What happened last November

Well unknown to me.. it all started in Sept 2008.

I was sleeping in a room that had black mold growing on the wooden beams.

I knew that mold is very bad for the human body however as I am normally super healthy, I had a cavalier attitude and thought..I’ll wait till next summer and get the black mold cleaned of the beams.

During that winter I had a bit of a chesty cold. The symptoms  always  came on at night time.  My youngest (Mohan) who was sleeping in that room too had similar symptoms.

Come January 2009 I was very very ill one night.  I thought maybe the smoke from the chimney was bothering me so I stopped using the log fire and slept with the window open.  Things improved a little.

I put my symptoms down to stress and Mohan’s symptoms I put down to him having raw goats milk and goats cheese.

Summer came and I slept out till september. Watching shooting stars every night lying under the stars was just magic.

Then I spent a couple of weeks in England and got back in November. My health was fine no problems and then I slept in that room again and as it had got cold, I slept with the windows shut.

Within 3 days I was severely ill with a sky high temperature wheezing like I have never experienced. My lungs felt like they were drowning in phlegm.  I was coughing, wretching, my stomach seemed to be having ..convulsions.

It felt like I was going to die. Every breath was laboured..there seemed no space for air to go in and when I did get adequate air it was accompanied by a stabbing pain.

I feel that life continues after death and death is not the end. However, I did not wish for  Mohan to have to deal with such a situation at such a tender age.

I managed to get down the stairs and sat in my kitchen.  I was in my “pharmacy” and I had enough things to get me through this night.

I started with a mouthful of colloidal silver. (antibacterial)

Then a glass of water with a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. (antifungal)

I made a strong ginger  infusion. Sipped that with a little honey or stevia, can’t recall.

The coughing calmed down.

I felt so weak yet in total control because I understood

what was happening to me and why.

I had played with fire by sleeping in a room with as much mold as was on those beams.

I even had had the audacity to clean them myself a few days earlier thus exposing myself to

a even larger dosage of mold…. shakes her head..

Mohan also got a bad cough and high temperature.

I did not need anymore proof that black mold was destroying our health.

Over those 3 days I had coughed so hard my lungs and stomach muscles ached as if they had been punched.

A few days later I came back to live with my two older children, Raman and Priyanka after one year and  three months.  During that time Derek had spent half his time at our orchard with me and Mohan and half here on the coast with Priyanka and Raman.

I came back because I needed to be with all my family. They needed me here and I needed them. I had achieved much by staying at my orchard but know it was time to return.

I had overseen the extension to our home,

building of a massive water deposit,

laying of pipes to water a orchard that is 8 acres (33 thousand metres squared)

I had experienced life with out much of what modern Western humanity takes for granted.

It was empowering for me.

And last but not least my youngest child had had the connection with mother  nature in a spectacularly enchanting environment that would have been the envy of even Huckleberry Finn!

On returning to my coastal home, I started a regime of using antifungal, lung cleansing ,  general detoxing herbs and practices.

During the first three weeks back the pain in my chest decreased and  the wheezing went for good.

However I noticed a rash like a burn on my posterior. It slowly spread all over my body accept my head. I suspected it was related to the black mold poisoning so  I googled photos of  fungal rashes.

I was not at all surprised when I saw a man with spots just like those I had,

under the heading “Black mold poisoning”.

Mohan also went on to develop the rash. His symptoms thankfully were not as severe as mine because  his immune system is much stronger then mine.

I spent a few hundred euros to buy the various products to help us speed up the healing process.

I went a bit over the top but health is worth it!

So where is my health at know?

It is 5 months since this started, am I back to being symptom free?

No, I still get a little itchy and my lungs and kidney area are still a tiny bit sore.

However they are MUCH better then where I was 5 months ago.

You may be wondering which products did I use?

I will share that information in the next post 🙂