How I heal my body

I feel just as a mechanic has a  large set of tools to fix a car, so  there are many key “tools” that are needed when healing the body mechanics  four  major components:
1. Spiritual awareness through a joyous spirit
2. Mental positivity/peace
3. Emotional poise
4. Physical balance

I address the above 4 issues the best I can and according to the circumstances I am in.

My health challenges often have roots in emotional issues that ultimately manifest as symptoms.

Having said that as there are so many toxins in the environment it is quite possible that you can be at peace and still get ill…

Eating raw food is only one tool in a vast array of tools that help with balancing the physical component (and eventually has an effect on all the components).

However it is the one tool I have most control over. I can´t stop the less then ideal water supply or air.. but the food that enters my mouth is completely in my control.

So I generally tend to heal myself mainly through food and drink.

I have a  friend who  told me he eats loads of raw food just like me.

However he still has diabetes though…

I know that in addition to his salads and fruit he eats a regular vegetarian diet consisting of a lot of fried food, plenty of modern dairy and lots of sweet puddings.

I have pointed this difference between our diets  but I don´t think he has taken it on board…

So I need to clarify this point.. If you want to get healthy you cannot eat a whole load of salad and then think oh I have eaten so well I will have a burger or pizza or whatever know. The body is very forgiving and healing providing the food that enters is pure.

However even a few mouthfuls of fried lifeless stuff gets noticed straight away. Especially if your health is compromised. The body isn´t forgiving  in such  circumstances.. not mine anyway!

Its just amazing that  one tool healed me of 24 years of health imbalance a decade ago.. Incredible ..I am still on a high!

Through extensive research I have discovered many tools that can be utilised to heal or and maintain balance


Deep breathing




Liver cleanse

Kidney cleanse


Detoxing practices

are some very alkalising herbs,  that remove acidity, which happens to be a key factor in illnesses.

There are many powerful   products like MSM, Zeolytes, MMS, colloidal silver, sodium bicarbonate that have no known negative side effects.

Last November I had to pull out much of this knowledge to stay alive.

So what happened…?