Big sigh..

Something happened a week ago and I was again reminded that

“life is never tomorrow, life is always today, time you never can borrow by wishing the moments away”..

I have written so much over the years and I wanted to share it, but it took  this experience to give me the push I needed, to start my blog…..

Anyway, I better go and do my motherly duties.




2 Comments on “Big sigh..”

  1. Joe Brunner says:

    Jatinda. Love the vibe, honey. But what the heck was this thing that happened that got you started on the blog? I am interested because I have been almost starting a blog for a couple of years…. Congrates for getting it up and running. It looks great. But don´t leave us with a cloud of mystery hanging of us… its bad enough with this ash cloud…..
    Love Joe.

    • Hi Joe
      Glad you like the vibe!
      I have wanted to share my healing health experience with the world for the last decade, and I though a blog or website is a good way to do it..
      However having a large family takes time and energy.. so I always put it off. I did do a few one off things which were brilliant but I felt I wanted to do more but never got round to doing it..

      “Motivation” sometimes comes from pain…
      I have a friend I have loved dearly for much of my life. We parted ways 11 long years ago over something stupid but we loved each other and we finally did the decent thing and got back in touch last year.

      About two weeks ago I found out she is seriously ill..

      I felt weighed down by regret…I felt annoyed with myself for not honouring my own feelings as I had wanted to get back in touch years ago… Just ego and fear of rejection got in the way…

      This blog is my “service to humanity..this planet..” through sharing what is essentially mine and my loved ones private business…. and I dedicate this blog to her in my heart..

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