Big sigh..

Something happened a week ago and I was again reminded that

“life is never tomorrow, life is always today, time you never can borrow by wishing the moments away”..

I have written so much over the years and I wanted to share it, but it took¬† this experience to give me the push I needed, to start my blog…..

Anyway, I better go and do my motherly duties.



Amazing sultanas in the making

These grapes were lovingly hand picked from our orchard and hung to dry in our kitchen. They are moscatel grapes and full of super goodness as the roots of these long established¬† grapevines go down at least 6 feet! Thus they have an abundance of nutrients to filter into this fruit of the gods…

Simple scrumptious salad!

There is a pain…

There is a pain I have seen, in every soul

No one escapes it once they are born

Shades of black and shades of grey

Colour our souls from day to day

Misery thrusted into each others hearts

People everywhere falling apart

Pain from lovers,pain from health

Pain caused by lack of wealth

deep and swirling its captured we

Like Iron from a Magnet we can’t break free

Till death we are partners our pain and we

Ego man

Hello !

Your name is Ego man?

In the mirror I see you everyday

You look at me with pride and joy

I tell you you’re a gorgeous boy

You tell me of your conquests all

And my head size increases all by all

I love you India

India means so much to me …

Her beauty is breathtaking

From her mountains to her deserts

From her cultures to her variety of races

From her history to her art she has stolen many hearts

She is pure inspiration to those who seek to be king

Over their minds, emotions, high on a spiritual swing

From the Sikh Gurus to the Sufis, with love did they sing

Praises of God with open wings

The Jains and the Buddhists, the Parsees, the Jews

The Hindu Yogis, they love India too

She is all embracing

Islam and Christianity are her friends too

Have I missed someone out? Some religion some sect?

I know mother India, she will not forget.

Her memory seduces folks like me and you

She knows how to win our mind and emotions

She knows all will fall in love

No need for love potions

It is a land of extremes too

In every sense it seems

From the poor to the rich

From the cold to the heat

From the mountains to the plains

From the Taj to the Slums

From the sinners to the saints

It is a dynamite of emotions

His ugliness is heartbreaking

He is the land of Castes and Sati

He is the land of female infanticide

He is the land of dowries and burning brides

His cruelty to women led me to take a step outside

India gave birth to me, and taught me so much.

I thank you for being you. Perfect, you are not.

I love you, I need to, see you grow strong.

No slave to no man or culture but God.

I love you India!