Jatinder chilling in the sun!


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  1. Mona (your little sis) says:

    Hi Sis

    Gosh your are beautiful – luv your pic (great figure too!)

    How are you sis – so sorry for not keeping in touch – busy life sometimes takes over (but thats not a good excuse i know – so sorry)!

    I like your blog sis – and i love your attaitude towards life – my big question is how do you do it – stay so positive i mean – you are afterall a memeber of the ‘sidhu’ clan and have been through even more than the rest of us! To be honest sis – im realy struggling to stay positive in life – i feel like we just need to get through it somehow – feel really proud of you sis 🙂

    • Oh my angel, its great to hear from you. Thankyou for your words.
      Glad you like the blog.
      “How do you do it”
      I guess I go within and KNOWING that we are all one I look at how my heroes conducted their lives and I tap into that attitude/ mindset that they would have had in order to come out the way they did…
      The mind is powerful and we all have a choice whether we choose to feel powerful or disempowered…
      If your highest values are for material and physical gain then one can easily feel disempowered….
      BUT if your highest values are of a spiritual nature.. no one can touch you.
      I think our grandmother, Karam Kaur examplified that perfectly.

      You guys always put me on a pedestal and made me feel like a queen.
      Believe me your love has powered me all my life.
      I am proud of and incredibly greatful to all at No44 &No1 🙂

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