Jatinder chilling in the sun!

Who am I ?

“Who am I?” I asked the little girl in the mirror.

She looked back  at me like a lost child trying to pretend she was not lost.

“I am Jatinder”  she replied unconvincingly. The sadness of having forgotten the being behind the little girl’s eyes left me frustrated and sad.

“Who am I ? !” I repeated desperately, longingly.

“I am Jatinder” came the reply again.

I turned away in anger and frustration ..with the thought


I was four years old when I first asked myself this question and I never asked this question again as a child because some  door to my memory of who I am had been shut in my face,  it seemed….

I still don’t know who I really am. But physically I can give you all the labels.

Black hair brown face

Born a Sikh She

Married to a Negro

With children three

Many many labels

Are hanging of She

You can pigeonhole She

If you can’t see

You can pass some judgements

Don’t matter to She

Standing On the outside

Looking at She

44 lives here

33 lives up there

Still  searching for Me

Where has She come from

Who is this ME?

Doesn’t really matter

But what she going to be!

Just me, just me, just me

Be free, be free

Just BE!