Hi all, welcome to my world

This blog is going to be generally about what I felt and feel about the world that surrounds me.
My feelings are my highest truth. And I will let them crash out here 🙂
I can’t help my feelings as they are,
sometimes audacious
and honest 100% of the time.
They come from somewhere that is not politically correct.
It is just a raw and ready zone that is humble yet stunning in its truth,
and  brimming to the top with love for life…
I feel like I have been watching a drama of my life  in which I have been simultaneously acting too, all my life.
I have learnt alot from this drama because I have been pushed and pulled by life so much yet somehow I feel really glad for the experiences because they’ve made me who I am.
For me, my life is stunning and I am head over heels in love with it…
Its beauty  has left me enchanted,
and at times excited, scared even petrified…
It is full of  secrets, revelations,discoveries that are waiting to spill out.
… So…. who am I really?

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